The net worth of Johnny Morris: How Built an Empire with Bass Pro

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In this comprehensive biography, we will delve into the net worth of Johnny Morris and his life accomplishments, the visionary founder of Bass Pro Shops.

As a passionate angler and conservationist, Johnny Morris has left an indelible mark on the outdoor industry.

We will not only explore his business empire but also shed light on his personal life, including details about his wife and the impressive net worth of Johnny Morris.

Additionally, we will unveil the fascinating story behind the iconic Johnny Morris Aquarium. So, let’s dive deep into the life of this extraordinary individual.

Who is Johnny Morris?

Johnny Morris, the subject of this biography, is an American entrepreneur and avid fisherman. Born on October 28, 1948, in Springfield, Missouri, Morris developed a deep passion for fishing at a young age.

Little did he know that this love for angling would later shape his destiny and revolutionize the outdoor industry.

Early Life and Love for Fishing

Johnny Morris grew up in a modest household in Springfield, Missouri. From a tender age, he spent countless hours exploring the lakes, rivers, and streams of the Ozarks, honing his fishing skills and developing a profound appreciation for nature.

These formative experiences fueled his entrepreneurial spirit and laid the foundation for his future success.

The Birth of Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops

Johnny Morris’s Vision Takes Shape

Driven by his unwavering passion for fishing and the outdoors, Johnny Morris embarked on a mission to create a destination where fellow anglers and outdoor enthusiasts could find high-quality gear and immerse themselves in a world of adventure.

In 1971, he founded Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Missouri, which would go on to become a global leader in the outdoor retail industry.

Expansion and Innovation

Under Johnny Morris’s visionary leadership, Bass Pro Shops expanded rapidly, opening numerous stores across the United States and beyond.

The company’s success can be attributed to Morris’s commitment to offering an unparalleled shopping experience, combining top-notch products with immersive environments that celebrate the great outdoors.

Conservation and Philanthropy

As an ardent conservationist, Johnny Morris has made significant contributions to safeguarding natural habitats and promoting environmental stewardship.

Through the Bass Pro Shops Conservation Fund, Morris supports various conservation initiatives, including habitat restoration, youth education programs, and wildlife research.

Johnny Morris’s Wife: Details on a Lasting Partnership

Jeanie, wife of Johnny Morris
Jeanie, wife of Johnny Morris Photo courtesy of Johnny Morris, photo by Jessica Kennon Spencer.

Meeting the Love of His Life

Behind every successful man is a supportive partner; for Johnny Morris, that partner is his beloved wife, Jeanie Morris. The couple first met during their college years and formed a deep connection based on their shared love for the outdoors.

Together, they have built a life centered around family, business, and a mutual passion for conservation and played a significant role to enhance the net worth of Johnny Morris.

A Partnership in Business and Life

Jeanie Morris has been an integral part of Johnny Morris’s journey. Alongside raising a family, she has actively contributed to the success of Bass Pro Shops, lending her expertise and unwavering support.

Together, Johnny and Jeanie have fostered a culture of family values within the company, which has undoubtedly played a significant role in its continued growth and success.

The Net Worth of Johnny Morris: A Testament to Success

From Humble Beginnings to Staggering Wealth

The Net worth of Johnny Morris

Johnny Morris’s relentless pursuit of his passion has yielded remarkable results, both professionally and financially. As of February 2023, the net worth of Johnny Morris was estimated at US$8.3 billion, according to Forbes.

This staggering wealth is a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen and the enduring popularity of Bass Pro Shops.

The Business Empire

Johnny Morris’s net worth can be attributed primarily to the success of Bass Pro Shops. With over 200 retail stores, the company generates billions of dollars in annual revenue.

Beyond its brick-and-mortar locations, Bass Pro Shops has expanded its reach through e-commerce, attracting a wide customer base of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Real Estate Ventures

In addition to his involvement in the outdoor retail industry, Johnny Morris has also ventured into real estate development. He has created immersive resort experiences that combine luxury accommodations with outdoor activities, such as the Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri and the White River Fish House in Arkansas.

These ventures have not only added to his net worth but also allowed him to share his love for nature with others.

The Johnny Morris Aquarium: A Window into Underwater Beauty

Bass Pro Aquarium
Bass Pro Aquarium

A Mesmerizing Attraction

One of the standout features of Bass Pro Shops is the mesmerizing Johnny Morris Aquarium. Situated within select Bass Pro Shops locations, these expansive aquariums provide visitors with a unique opportunity to witness the beauty and diversity of underwater life up close.

These massive tanks house a vast array of fish species, including some of the most remarkable specimens found in freshwater environments.

Conservation and Education

The Johnny Morris Aquarium serves a dual purpose. Not only does it captivate and educate visitors, but it also plays a vital role in conservation efforts.

The aquariums showcase the importance of preserving aquatic ecosystems and raise awareness about the need for sustainable fishing practices. By connecting people with nature, Johnny Morris aims to inspire a new generation of conservationists.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is Johnny Morris’s contribution to conservation?

Johnny Morris has made significant contributions to conservation through the Bass Pro Shops Conservation Fund. The fund supports various initiatives, including habitat restoration, youth education programs, and wildlife research, to preserve natural habitats and foster environmental stewardship.

Q2: How did Johnny Morris meet his wife, Jeanie Morris?

Johnny Morris met his wife, Jeanie Morris, during their college years. They bonded over their shared love for the outdoors and have since built a life centered around family, business, and their mutual passion for conservation.

Q3: What is the net worth of Johnny Morris?

As of February 2023, his net worth was estimated at US$8.3 billion, according to Forbes. His success in outdoor retail, primarily through Bass Pro Shops, has contributed significantly to his wealth.

Q4: Where can I experience the Johnny Morris Aquarium?

The Johnny Morris Aquarium can be experienced at select Bass Pro Shops locations. These captivating aquariums showcase a diverse range of fish species and provide visitors with a unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty of underwater life.

Q5: How does Johnny Morris promote environmental stewardship?

Johnny Morris promotes environmental stewardship through various initiatives, including the Bass Pro Shops Conservation Fund, which supports conservation projects and educates the public about the importance of preserving natural habitats.

Q6: How many Bass Pro Shops stores are there?

As of September 2021, Bass Pro Shops operates over 200 retail stores across the United States and internationally. These stores offer a wide range of outdoor products and provide immersive shopping experiences for outdoor enthusiasts.


Johnny Morris’s journey from a passionate young angler to the founder of Bass Pro Shops is nothing short of extraordinary. Through his unwavering dedication to the outdoors, he has built a business empire that continues to thrive.

Simultaneously, Johnny Morris remains committed to conservation and philanthropy, using his success to make a positive impact on the environment.

Alongside his wife, Jeanie Morris, he has created a lasting partnership both in business and in life.

As of February 2023, the net worth of Johnny Morris was estimated at US$8.3 billion, Johnny Morris’s achievements speak volumes about his entrepreneurial prowess and the enduring popularity of Bass Pro Shops.

The iconic Johnny Morris Aquarium stands as a testament to his vision and provides a captivating glimpse into the wonders of underwater life.

Through this biography, we have explored the remarkable life of Johnny Morris, delving into his entrepreneurial journey, his lasting partnership with his wife, and his commitment to conservation.

Johnny Morris’s story serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us of the power of passion, hard work, and a deep connection to nature.


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